Sorry! We no longer accept money orders or personal checks.

We understand your need for privacy, discretion and safety and to that end we recommend a prepaid Visa or Mastercard credit card. Many of our members who do not wish to use their bank connected credit cards have had great success with the prepaid card.

What Are The Advantages And What To Look For In A Prepaid Debit or Credit Card?

1) No credit check, sign up today.
2) No overlimit fees or interest charges ever.
3) Many Are Re-loadable.
4) Secure, get money back if card is lost or stolen. FDIC Insured.
5) Text and e-mail alerts to keep track of your money.
* Use everywhere MasterCard and Visa is accepted to make purchases and pay bills. Plus Popular Re-Load Locations.
6) Free Cash withdrawals at over 15,000 participating ATMs.
7) Also if you wish: free direct deposit available for faster access to paychecks and government benefit checks.

What Some Of Our Members Say About Their Prepaid Debit Cards.

"The convenience of a prepaid debit card without the costly overdraft fees. I can direct deposit money to my Prepaid Visa just like a checking account, but now I dont have to worry about NSF fees because I can only spend what is on my card. It is the best alternative to a bank."
Sean B.

"My prepaid Visa card is safer than cash and I can use it at millions of locations worldwide. With it I can withdraw cash, shop online, and pay bills everywhere Visa debit is accepted. I feel like Im finally on the road to financial freedom."
Steve D.

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